Jar "Tea aroma calms down your heart"

Hexagonal wooden container for tea storage.

Height with cap: 14,5 cm. (5.7 in.)

Cap height: 3,1 cm. (1.2 in.)

Verge width: 5,3 cm. (2.1 in.)

Weight: 315 g. (11 oz.)


There are different carvings on the verges: teapot and cups, orchids, hieroglyphic inscription, chrisanthemum, bamboo, plum flower. There is carved light wooden teapot on the cap. 


Hieroglyphic inscription says: "Tea aroma calms down your heart"


Four flowers: orchids, chrisanthemum, bamboo and plum flower are symbols of four seasons. Orchid - summer,  chrisanthemum - autumn, bamboo - winter, plum flower - spring. 

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