Sandal jar for tea storage
Hexagonal the jar with a lid to keep the tea.

Height with cover 15 cm.

The roof height is 2.8 cm.

The width of each verge of 5.4 cm.

The height of the feet 0.4 cm.

Weight: 409 g.

On the sides of the cut flowers in vases. Picture of a vase, a reference to the word "world", because the words of the vase and the world in the Chinese contain the root syllable "IDUs". On each face - various flowers, lotuses, bamboo, Dahlia, peony, chrysanthemum, flowering branch of plum.

The Lotus is rising out of the mud, but the remaining clean.

Bamboo is a symbol of honour and modesty, as well as resistance, rigidity.

Pion - the symbol of the splendor and wealth, as well as love and marriage.

The chrysanthemum is a symbol of purity, as well as the courage and peace of mind in the older years.

Plum flower - a symbol of resistance, endurance, he flourishes very early in the spring. (The characters from the book of Lyudmila Isayeva "Life among the characters" and In. Ovchinnikova "Flowers plum")

On the cover of the cut fish - a symbol of prosperity, wealth, because fish and prosperity in Chinese sounds "Yu", only different colors. Around the fish 8 magical items. Each of these objects belong to one of the eight Immortals.
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