Sandal cup with lizards

Sandalwood cup with lizards


Height: 10 cm (4 in.)


The wall thickness of the cup: 0,7 cm (0.3 in.)


From the upper side one can see the shape of heart.


The width of the "heart": 6 cm. (2.4 in.)


The height of th "heart": 8 cm. (3 in.)


Weight: 213 gr. (0.5 lb.)


There are carved lizards on the all surface of the cup.


In chinese language the lizard is "bi-di" - wall tiger. 


Lizards are able to penitrate into any slot, even into women's quarters. That's why chinese people belived that lizard could be a "litmus test" of woman's sexual activity. Living home on business, man pictured a izard on the woman's belly. Man belived: the picture of the lizard would disappiared if the woman commited adultery. 


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