If you are looking for a gift for his relatives and friends, or simply want to decorate the house a beautiful thing with the history, then you are at.

We are a Russian family, a few years living and working in China. My husband is a professional китаист, you can say, an expert on the information field of China, the site can be viewed here. The rest are attached with all his forces to the language, culture and history of this complex country. Children learn a Chinese school and Chinese kindergarten, and I am the only woman in the family, strangely enough, I am interested in all kinds of Chinese "ornamenting stuff" and the leading blog http://china-shore.livejournal.com/.

This interest is not just a thirst for beauty. Search for a beautiful Chinese things - an attempt to understand China and Chinese people, as ornaments, in most cases, represent the symbols and allusions, wishes and amulets. Of course, a beautiful vase  sometimes just a beautiful vase. But if it painted people, it is almost certainly the heroes of the epos or real historical characters, often imprinted in some well-known to the majority of the Chinese legend with his meaning. If the flowers, each flower is a symbol. So for example, plum flower - a symbol of resistance and unbreakable spirit. The symbolic meaning of the objects of everyday life and beautiful things, as a rule, have and images of animals, plants, and inanimate objects. I this part of the folk art in China is very interesting.

Therefore, in this store, I try to not only show you a beautiful thing, but to tell you a bit about them, about what they represented, and what it might mean to Your gift was not only beautiful, but also interesting.

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